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How are we adapting to change? Join us at the Rocky Mountain Water Summit to find out.

September 10, 2021

Our team is sharing the latest insights affecting the water and wastewater industry in the Rocky Mountain region

From LIVE to recorded presentations, the Stantec team is sharing their expertise at this year’s 2021 Rocky Mountain Virtual Water Summit. This year’s conference theme is “Adaption to Change – Let’s Tell Our Stories” and featuring sessions focusing in on lessons learned through change – from COVID-19, to the effects of climate change, upcoming regulations, optimizing a process, or social equity.

Join us online:

LIVE Presentations

September 14 – 1:55 pm MT – Starting from Scratch: 3 Master Plans and Integrated Financial Modeling for Long-Term Success
This presentation showcases three utilities and the different paths taken to provide excellent service to the customers, while completing comprehensive master plans to guide future work and needed revenue for the next decade.
Presenter: Carol Malesky

September 17 – 11:10 am MT – Workplace Collaboration Boost - Equity and Inclusion
Equal access is not automatically equitable because of systematic bias and obstacles that some people face in the same situation. Learn about cultural humility and how to foster a sense of belonging for everyone in your organization.
Presenters: Becky Hachenburg, Victor Sam

ON-DEMAND Presentations      

Curved Microtunneling on Metro Vancouver's South Surrey Interceptor Project
Applying lessons learned for North America's largest diameter microtunnel that local municipal agencies can apply on their own projects. This microtunneling project pushed the limit for capabilities and advancements using a curved direct jack pipe.
Presenter: Nick Goodenow

If you can't handle the heat, get it out of your wastewater!
A detailed look at the various technologies that can be utilized to harness waste heat from municipal wastewater as the heat source for building heating in an effort to improve energy efficiency and meet temperature effluent limits being introduced by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
Presenter: Alastair Carrigan

What to Look for On a Full Scale Chem-P Test Drive
Chemical phosphorus removal is a common and cost-effective alternative to many WRRFs. This presentation will describe the approach and lessons learned in the full-scale Chem-P pilot at the South Platte Renew WRRF including overall pilot planning, approach, execution, and results.
Presenter: Chris Machado

The art of attraction – How CO water employers recruit and retain top talent
In a highly competitive market where traditional recruitment methods just don’t cut it, employers are having to get creative and sell prospective hires on more than just a job. This presentation will feature a panelist representing Colorado water utilities and companies to provide the insights into how their organizations are attracting and retaining top talent in the industry.
Presenter: Nicole Stephens

Let’s Talk Mental Health and How Emotional Intelligence Can Help
The need for emotional intelligence is a vital element in our mental health practice for ourselves and our team. This presentation will help you build your emotional intelligence skills to help you and your team navigate a new flexible and virtual work environment.
Presenter: Anni Santos


This event will feature approximately 100 technical sessions and is organized by the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association (RMSAWWA) – non-profit, scientific, and educational membership association dedicated to managing and treating water. As a local section of the American Water Works Association, they strive to connect local membership with the opportunities and resources of AWWA throughout the Rocky Mountain Region of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

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