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Talking Transit-Oriented Development with Sisto Martello

September 26, 2023

Daniel Cohen joined the Sisto Says podcast to discuss how we partner with developers to improve the transit experience for New Yorkers

Cities change and evolve, and transit systems need to adapt to consumer needs. Within one of the world’s busiest systems, we’re helping transit make an entrance through updates, enhancements, and expansions.

“Transit-oriented development (TOD) in New York City is extremely unique. There’s other markets where TOD is a big buzzword and it usually relates to more like a regional rail station, parking garages, things where the municipality has to engage with the private side, but in New York, they’re inherently tied together, and you’ve got 470-something stations…anywhere in New York, you’re probably within 200 feet of the subway,” Daniel says.

Listen to the podcast and learn more about our transit-oriented development work in New York City.

  • Daniel Cohen

    Focused on privately-funded subway station improvements, Daniel is an engineer who works with real estate developers to deliver transit-oriented development in New York City.

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