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Adapting to 21st Century Water Resource Challenges

July 15, 2021

Demands for water continue to increase as the reliability of existing water supplies goes in the opposite direction. System capacities are continually being adapted for changing water use priorities. As water agencies look to develop and manage future water supplies in today’s multi-purpose environment, how do you navigate an increasingly complex planning, stakeholder, and permitting process?

Stantec’s Bill Swanson, Ryan Murdock, and Lisa Beutler discuss how to build trust, avoid typical pitfalls, and support a risk-informed decision making process to meet your future water supply needs.

  • Bill Swanson

    Bill brings 34 years of experience supervising extensive and sophisticated water resource projects to address a broad range of issues.

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  • Ryan Murdock

    As a vice president, Ryan is skilled at integrating multidisciplinary studies for planning and decision-making processes, as well as performing economic evaluations that are consistent with the federal principles and guidelines.

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  • Lisa Beutler

    Lisa specializes in helping organizations and communities make decisions and plan for the future. She serves as executive facilitator on complex, high-profile, collaborative projects.

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