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Core Considerations for Early Childhood Classroom Design

October 05, 2020

Current View

By Michael Lovaglio

Architecture principal Michael Lovaglio explores in School Construction News how to avoid overstimulation in young learners

Driven by new paradigms in curriculum delivery and promising new research on what helps young learners excel, the early childhood classroom environment is changing.

This change is rapid and far from uniform. There is no single prototype or solution that fits every classroom. Each school and district have a unique set of students, teachers, and parents with their own goals and objectives. We must involve all stakeholders in discovering what best fits their needs as layout and instructional space is developed — mixing ideas and strategies for engagement.

  • Michael Lovaglio

    Michael is an accomplished principal with 24 years of experience in architecture with 20 years focused on K12 and higher education learning environments. He is skilled in design and construction codes, processes, and contracts.

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