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Don’t 'debug' the selenium treatment system

October 03, 2023

By Bill Kennedy

Biological treatment for the reliable removal of selenium is a proven technology in many industries, writes Stantec’s Bill Kennedy in Water Technology

Microbes have been used for hundreds of years to treat wastewater for organic compounds and nutrients. In recent years, selenium removal has been demonstrated as another constituent for which biological treatment is effective.

Removal of selenium from wastewater prior to discharge to lakes and rivers is of growing interest for the protection of aquatic life. Agricultural runoff, coal-fired power plant and mine-impacted wastewaters, along with other industrial effluent streams, are being treated to ever more stringent regulatory limits by federal, state and provincial environmental authorities.

Read the full article in Water Technology.

  • Bill Kennedy

    A senior principal and chemical process engineer, Bill has spent over 30 years working on chemical, polymer, pharmaceutical, and electric power projects, but his passion is in developing and applying emerging technologies.

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