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How to design K-12 schools

October 02, 2020

Engiell Tomaj joins industry experts to discuss complex systems and technology in K-12 projects with Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

The biggest trend I’m seeing is that more and more school districts are interested in renewable energy (photovoltaics) and getting to net zero energy. They are looking for ways to cut maintenance and operation cost by incorporating cost-saving technologies such as PV on a project. As a result, we have built a financial modeling tool that estimates simple and discounted payback using money from fund balance and from bonds sold.

Read the full article in Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

  • Engiell Tomaj

    A buildings engineering service delivery leader in Plano, Texas, Engiell focuses on people, the planet, and economics. A proponent of sustainable design, he’s also involved in showcasing the financial implications of photovoltaic investment.

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