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Property and the solar tipping point

May 13, 2021

Stantec’s Mark Price speaks with the Property Council of Australia about property and the solar tipping point

Property leaders in Australia are determined more than ever to achieve net zero emissions targets and are investing ample funds into renewable energy generation and battery storage.

Australia is leading as the highest uptake of solar worldwide, seeing a whopping 2.66 million rooftops decked out with solar power systems at the end of 2020.

A massive 21 per cent of Australia's electricity is derived from solar panels and wind turbines, but as more and more renewable energy is utilised, the Australian Energy Market Commission has advised that the grid framework will not manage with the projected usage of renewable energy.

So how will this affect the future of our buildings?

Stantec’s Mark Price, highlights network officials will have the “right of refusal” when a property developer approaches them with a proposal for a renewable energy system.

“Operators can say they are unable to take the size of the system proposed –we expect to see this happen more and more.”

What can we do to avoid the right of refusal?

“Start planning now. Design with aggregation in mind and start looking at how you can centrally control your assets. While the challenges ahead are great, there will be financial benefits for building owners that house Australia’s biggest energy generators on their roofs.”

Read the full article in Property Australia.

  • Mark Price

    Mark is a chartered professional electrical engineer, giving him a strong grasp of codes and project implementation. As a renewable energy advocate, he approaches technical projects rationally to ensure financial and environmental benefits.

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