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Published in Mining Magazine: Making the most of EPCM partnership

May 30, 2019

Current View

By Steve Rusk

The evolving roles of EPCM firms in mining projects and the opportunities and challenges this presents for mine operators

The work of engineering, procurement, construction, and management, or EPCM, firms in the mining industry is shifting as mines take on more capabilities and require greater detail in their design phases. There are significant advantages to operations retaining an EPCM contractor, including having a single, cohesive team that joins a project and remains over its full life cycle to commissioning.

This article from Mining Magazine features mining vice president Steve Rusk, as he shares his thoughts on the important elements in an EPCM-mine operator relationship.

  • Steve Rusk

    With over 30 years of experience, Steve has worked on projects throughout every stage of a mines’ lifecycle, from exploration to closure. He believes that it’s important for our people to understand our clients’ business.

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