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UAE Plans to Burn Mountains of Trash After China Stops Importing Waste

August 24, 2021

Waste-to-energy projects are gaining steam across the world as this article in Bloomberg Green captures

Communities across the globe are digging into a growing problem – what to do with all their waste? Historically, many have offshored trash to other regions, or even countries, however the availability of those dumping grounds are growing more scarce by the day. For this reason, waste-to-energy facilities are attracting more attention.

This article in Bloomberg Green takes a look at what countries in the Middle East are considering and turned to our John Ord to provide expert commentary. 

Read full article in Bloomberg.

  • John Ord

    John has over 20 years of experience in client, consulting, and contracting organisations, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and future direction of his industry.

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