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International Water Conference 2022 – Stantec Presentation Schedule

October 20, 2022

Stantec’s industrial water experts are spearheading the conversation on the latest in scientific advances and applications at the 2022 International Water Conference

IWC 2022 – The International Water Conference
November 6-10, 2022
Orlando, FL

The International Water Conference is the place for the latest in the scientific advances and practical applications in the industrial water treatment field, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies, and functional areas. The Stantec team will be on hand to meet attendees in booth 212 in the exhibit hall.

Join our experts for conference presentations, interactive discussions, and novel conversation on a broad range of innovative solutions to achieving yours, and our client’s, industrial water goals.

View our presentation schedule below:

Monday, November 7

8:00 AM – M1: Tr-As-Se Co-N-Ti-Al-Mn-Ts
Discussion Leader: Josh Pendergrass

8:00 AM – M3: 101 Fun Things to do with FGD Water
IWC Rep: Bill Kennedy

1:15 PM – IWC 22-18: Analytical Variability of Selenium in FGD Wastewater
Presenters: Adam Sutherland, Bill Kennedy, Mayra Giraldo Carmona

1:15 PM – M8: Sustainability
Discussion Leader: Lindy Johnson

Tuesday, November 8

8:00 AM – T2: Novel Approaches to Brine Management
Session Chair: Adam Sutherland

8:00 AM – T4: Innovation
Discussion Leader: Beeta Saha

8:00 AM – IWC 22-35: Design Best Practices – Considering the End at the Beginning
Presenter: Henlo Du Preez

8:00 AM – IWC 22-42: Desalinating Brines such as Seawater using Super Capacitive Electrodes
Discussion Leader: Jillian Flanagan

1:15 PM IWC 22-46: Preparation for Conversion to Zero Liquid Discharge Operation
Discussion Leader: Rena Bae

1:15 PM – IWC 22-48: Zero Liquid Discharge System – An Advanced Water Reuse System for Oil & Gas Refinery
Discussion Leader: Emily Holbrook

Wednesday, November 9

8:00 AM IWC 22-73: 15 Years of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Experience for Industrial Wastewater
Presenters: Sara Arabi, Behrang Pakzadeh

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