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Stantec named to Newsweek’s Top 100 Smart City Partners

December 19, 2019

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List includes organizations integrating sustainable infrastructure, advancing smart mobility, and using big data analytics to inform policy

Smart city technology is changing the way we plan for the future of our communities. Newsweek’s Top 100 Smart City Partners includes industry peers, academia, non-profits and technology companies, all of which are helping to usher in a new era of city building.

It’s been a big year for Stantec’s smart cities practice. In June, we hosted our first Smart City Idea Hackathon in Toronto, asking nearly 100 participants to solve the following challenge: How can we use technology to ensure Toronto is a thriving, livable, and resilient city for all?

That same month Sidewalk Labs released its Master Innovation and Development Plan for Toronto’s Quayside neighbourhood. Stantec’s innovative approach to infrastructure design uses smart technologies and good planning practices to redefine mobility, set the district up for climate-positive distributed energy, and put people first in the public realm.

In November, we launched Building a Hyperconnected City—a year-long study from ESI ThoughtLab, co-sponsored by Stantec. The survey included 100 metro centers using technology to improve, connect, and secure areas of their urban ecosystems. The study revealed best practices in how to manage urban digital innovation, maximize return on investment in new technologies, and ensure benefits reach the business community and citizens.

The upcoming year will see some big advancements in smart city projects around the world. As it does, we will remain focused on improving peoples’ lives through innovation and technology. As we continue to push the envelope on digital innovation and build on smart city best practices, the smartest cities will be those that put people first.

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