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Stantec’s Top 10 Ideas from 2023

December 20, 2023

Smart cities, sustainability, and seahorse hotels—those were just some of the things our experts were talking about in 2023

Did you know seahorse hotels are a thing? Do you want to know more about a unique plant nursery for ecosystem restoration? Or how about designing for neurodiversity? Here are 10 of our favorite Ideas from 2023.

We shared more than 180 big ideas from our experts—so there were a lot to pick from. Enjoy this look back.

Advanced manufacturing and sustainability: Solar panels, semiconductors, and EV battery factories are all essential to the energy transition—and our global future. Manufacturing facilities in North America require an integrated design approach. What does that mean? Find out in this blog.

Restoring landscapes: At Stantec, we don’t just talk about ecosystem restoration. We do ecosystem restoration. And the Stantec Native Plant Nursery is part of that process. In this video, we look inside the nursery and it’s 300-plus species.

Universal accessibility: As our population ages, we need to think about how to create fully accessible and barrier-free transit. In our most-read blog of 2023, Graeme Masterton explains how we can overhaul our current transport system.

Interview with Gord Johnston: Stantec president and CEO Gord Johnston talks about how we can balance development and the environment. Read more from his interview with Alaska Business magazine.

Preparing for a flood: One of our most popular webinars from 2023 discussed flood modeling and how today’s technology makes it faster and more manageable. The webinar includes a live demo of Flood Manager.

Seahorse hotels: Yes, they are really a thing. And, yes, our environmental experts in Australia are building them to help the White’s seahorse survive.

Creating better spaces: Who wants a smart city? Dr. Rick Huijbregts talks about sustainable and adaptable principles that help transform a community into a smart city.

Cutting the carbon: The world’s climate solutions start with carbon. In this issue of Stantec ERA, our team talked about reducing, measuring, and capturing carbon to better our world.

Turning stormwater into clean water: Stormwater ponds offer multiple benefits to a community. One is flood control. Watch how we helped Minneapolis, Minnesota, build a 10-year maintenance plan for its ponds.

Designing for inclusion: Physical accessibility is part of the design for the public realm. It’s important to design for neurological accessibility, too. This blog explains how.

Thanks for reading our Ideas in 2023. We’re excited to share more in 2024.

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