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Harnessing the Power of Location Data

October 26, 2021

In this Airsage publication, Cynthia Albright discusses how data can be used to build a better future – to better lives and to reduce inequality

The pandemic created an environment for generations of people who have never experienced anything like it. One thing is clear to me: the lack of human and social interaction as a result of this pandemic is harmful to our innate and intrinsic human needs. While I can’t say all individuals require social contact for a healthy emotional state-of-being, the vast majority of us thrive on it. The media barrage of dire statistics booming into our isolated living rooms exacerbated our sense of despair and need for human interaction. Reports from the medical community indicate steep increases in depression, substance abuse, and anxiety as a result of the pandemic. This is what happens when individuals who thrive on social interaction are isolated without a sense of closure. 

Read the full article (starting on pages 2-14) in AirSage.

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