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Global Panel on COVID-19 Responses in Vulnerable Urban Contexts

November 03, 2020

Panelists from across the globe share their experiences around changing urban resource management and policies in light of the global pandemic

There has been much discussion about how COVID-19 leads us to reimagine how our cities are planned, designed, and managed in the future—from changes to transportation and public spaces to elder care and beyond. Much of the focus of these discussions—and indeed early actions, such as reclaiming streets for additional outdoor social-distancing space or bicycle lanes—has been in wealthy cities like Boston and Sydney. This panel shared their insights from the perspective of vulnerable urban contexts where millions of people currently live and which are projected to grow by the hundreds of millions as the world continues to urbanize.


  • Sam Sternin, Independent Consultant formerly Gates Foundation & Gavi Vaccine Alliance
  • Dr. Godwin Mindra, Urban Health Expert, UNICEF
  • Dan Rivera, Mayor, City of Lawrence, Massachusetts

Information respecting COVID-19 changes rapidly. The information in this session is being provided for informational purposes only and isn’t intended to provide any specific advice and isn’t to be relied upon. Any actions or decisions should be based on independent research and professional advice. 

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