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Sustainability and Social Capital in Mining

October 06, 2021

By Jon Treen

Jon Treen presents at the Canadian Institute of Mining’s monthly membership meeting about sustainability in the industry and how we can value multiple forms of capital

A floating solar panel field, trucks that drive themselves, and capturing energy from exhaust. Senior Vice President of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, Jon Treen talks about what leaders in mining are doing today to work towards more sustainable operations. Jon describes Stantec’s Sustainable Mining by Design™ initiative, and shares how the industry is making progress on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. His presentation is titled “Social and Human Capital: Strategic Investment to Guarantee Non-Conflict and Sustainable Future for Mining, and its Supply Chain.”

Note: Jon's presentation begins at 8:55 in this video.

  • Jon Treen

    A senior technical advisor focusing on sustainable mining, Jon promotes innovation, collaboration, and a safety-focused approach to mine design in our Mining, Minerals & Metals group.

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