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Edmonton traffic control box murals

February 14, 2024

Our Developing Professionals Group and Employee Resource Groups partnered with the city to create artwork across downtown Edmonton, Alberta

Stantec and the Edmonton Downtown Business Association have partnered to beautify the city core by creating original artwork for several traffic control boxes.

The traffic control boxes show five hand-painted perspectives of iconic Edmonton cityscapes and scenery, reflecting the different viewpoints that our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) encourage. Stantec Tower is present in each as a central part of the city, with pops of movement and color in the backgrounds to bring the skyline to life. The following five ERGs are represented, from left to right:  

A collage of the traffic control box murals created by Stantec to celebrate our Employee Resource Groups.

  • Indigenous Connections@Stantec: 107 Street & 99 Avenue: The strong black lines, rich colors, and flowing shapes in this piece recall the rich legacy of Indigenous art.
  • Asians@Stantec: 108 Street & 102 Avenue: This textured piece pays homage to the vast array of artistic styles and techniques originating across Asia.
  • Pride@Stantec: 102 Street & 104 Avenue: The vivid colors of the pride flag lighting up the skyline represent the energy that the diverse and welcoming community radiates.
  • Developing Professionals Group (DPG): 107 Street & 97 Avenue: With a tapestry of sharp lines, smooth curves, and interweaving colors, this piece represents the creativity and potential of our developing professionals at Stantec.
  • Women@Stantec: 104 Street & 104 Avenue: This piece, with vibrant flowers supported by a deep blue background, showcases the diversity, resilience, and strength that our communities of women exemplify.

Learn more about Stantec’s ERG groups, and how they impact our organization here. To see how Stantec’s volunteerism contributes to our communities, visit our Community Engagement page. Check out our previous public art project in the city, the Stantec Tower crosswalk mural.

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