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Published in International Journal of Hydropower & Dams: Complex tunneling at the Chimney Hollow dam

October 11, 2019

Current View

Greg Raines talks complex tunneling at The Chimney Hollow reservoir project, a new planned scheme just west of Loveland, Colorado

By Greg Raines

The Chimney Hollow reservoir project is a new planned scheme approximately 13 km west of Loveland, Colorado. The Municipal Subdistrict of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District is developing the project as a component of the Windy Gap Firming project. Stantec was awarded the engineering services contract for the project in early 2016, which includes a main dam, spillway, saddle dam, and conveyance features connecting the Chimney Hollow reservoir to the existing Colorado-Big Thompson project infrastructure. Stantec and the Municipal Subdistrict developed a design that prioritized dam safety and successfully achieved all project goals.

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