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The Mighty Bus: Transit Hero of Our Growing Community

January 06, 2023

By Dena Abakumov

For METRO Magazine, US Transit Sector Leader Dena Abakumov shares 6 forward-thinking bus strategies to support small cities with population growth

While urban migration has traditionally consisted of people moving from smaller communities to larger urban ones, the COVID-19 pandemic and a shifting economy have altered this trend. Population migration is now creating both opportunities and challenges for transit agencies in small and medium-sized communities benefiting from population growth.

As some of these communities see unprecedented growth, local transit agencies need to rethink their transportation infrastructure to provide more sustainable mobility options. Transit can and should play a role in supporting that growth and contributing to an elevated quality of life. But how agencies approach their growth strategy will be critical to that success.

So, where can agencies make the most impact in a short period of time, attracting riders and making small city transit a positive part of the migration experience? It starts with making the bus as attractive, efficient, and sustainable as possible.

Read the full article at METRO Magazine.

  • Dena Abakumov

    Dena believes that transit networks are one of the pillars of developing healthy, sustainable, resilient, and prosperous communities. She looks at transportation solutions in a multidisciplinary way and takes a multi-modal approach to her work.

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