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Why smart buildings are core to business continuity

April 13, 2021

Stantec’s Irina Lindquist speaks with the Property Council of Australia about why smart buildings are core to business continuity

The most significant trend to rise since the pandemic began has been the need for digital services as communities practice social distancing.

Intelligent building systems were once seen as protection layers, used to control energy management. However, new provisions enforced to monitor building occupancy levels and social distancing requirements stimulate the need for innovative technology in buildings.

Stantec's Smart Buildings Leader, Irina Lindquist, believes touchless technology will soon become a significant investment in intelligent building technology. We can expect to see the union between traditional smart buildings applications and responses to COVID-19 in delivering reliable services that are safe and healthy for building occupants.

Trust is the basis for adopting digital technology in buildings, she adds.

“If I don’t trust the touchless service call, I won’t use my mobile to access it.” For building owners, this means delivering “intuitive and simple” services. “You build trust by providing robust and secure services that aren’t driven by regulation or fancy tech, but by simplicity, resilience and useability.”

Read the full article in Property Australia.

  • Irina Lindquist

    As the Smart Buildings Leader for Australia, Irina brings passion and enthusiasm to deliver exceptional client service along with over two decades of operational management experience in Europe and Australia.

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