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[With Video] TEDx University of Nevada: The pearls of urban design

April 02, 2019

By Cynthia Albright, FAICP CUD, GISP

What are the pearls of design that make some urban places memorable? Urban planner Cynthia Albright explains in her TEDx talk.

What do London, Prague, Tokyo, and Reno, Nevada, have in common? In her recent TEDx University of Nevada talk on The Pearls of Urban Design, Reno-based urban planner Cynthia Albright connected design pearls evident in some of the world’s great cities with Reno’s future—and the future of most cities.

What are some of those pearls? Engaging streets and public spaces that require compelling architecture, rhythm, continuity, mix, intensity, and lighting. Learn more by watching Cynthia’s TEDx talk. With images and examples from Europe, Mexico, Asia, and the US, Cynthia presents the science and research behind the beautiful pearls that make beautiful, inviting, memorable places.

Cynthia is one of just 47 American Planning Association Certified Urban Designers in the US.

  • Cynthia Albright, FAICP CUD, GISP

    Cynthia is a certified land planner with experience in community and regional planning, site planning, urban design, and securing entitlements for land development activities.

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