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Climate Solutions - Water

Helping clients address a defining issue of our time

Do you feel the urgency? We do. Do you also see the need to act? So do we.

The dynamics of a changing climate are pressing down hard on the water industry. We have to think differently about how to achieve sustainable and resilient solutions, from water resources, conveyance, and industrial and municipal water to wastewater treatment, water reuse, stormwater management, and water infrastructure.

Climate change is pushing us to put carbon management front and center of every solution in the water space. To bolster short-term resiliency, our clients need solutions oriented toward adaptation. But our emphasis must always be on outcomes that result in long-term mitigation measures that ensure a sustainable future of our water environment—and the whole planet.

All this means recognizing water’s role in supporting our energy, agriculture, mineral mining, manufacturing, and construction economy sectors. It’s about reducing and capturing wastes for product reuse, remanufacturing and recycling, reducing operational carbon emissions, and offsetting emissions through sequestration. These actions outline the circular economy, the core of a sustainable future in which water plays a central role.

Only by addressing climate change today can we create the resilient and sustainable communities of tomorrow.

The Stantec Institute for Applied Science, Technology & Policy

The Stantec Institute for Applied Science, Technology & Policy explores the real-world impacts of a changing climate on the sustainability of water and the role of emerging technologies in water science and policy. The Institute engages scientists, engineers, and technology specialists across the globe to investigate questions at the forefront of transforming the water industry’s future. Read More

Protecting the Gulf: A story of coastal resilience

We’ve been recognized as an innovator in the delivery of flood risk management, coastal storm risk reduction, water resources, navigation, and ecosystem restoration projects that support coastal programs across North America. We help create safer communities and resilient environments through design partnerships on local and state levels. Read More

Stantec Water Webinar Series Calendar

The Stantec Webinar Series provides you access to evidence-based learning opportunities with a focus on technology-forward solutions to the challenges our communities face in the world of water. Most webinars will feature a 40-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute interactive Q&A session. Register Now

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