Coastal Flood Risk Reduction & Restoration

  • Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps Project

    One of the largest drainage pumping systems in the World

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  • Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion

    A combination of factors has led to a trend of land loss along the Louisiana coast, but mimicking natural flows could help reverse

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  • Sandy Resilience Plan for Public Housing, Coney Island

    Rebuilding to blend social resilience and economic success in New York City

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We live here too

People have always been drawn to live, work, and play along the world’s coasts. Even now, as the frequency and intensity of coastal storms and sea level rise endanger our coastal cities and cause significant environmental damage—including losses in coastal lands and wildlife habitats—these areas continue to grow in population, financial investment, and economic activity.

Being able to survive and prosper in these coastal environments and under these changing conditions requires innovative and ongoing engineering design adaptations—adaptations that also accommodate for changed future conditions. With a long legacy as a leading water management design firm, Stantec has designed significant coastal flood risk reduction and ecosystem restoration projects around the globe. These include built interventions such as levees, pump stations, floodwalls, diversions, and raised buildings as well as soft interventions such as estuary and marsh creation/restoration, beach nourishment, and living shoreline methods. Our goal is always to protect people by reducing the risk of flooding for our cities and vital infrastructure.

Stantec employees—many of whom are from and/or live in these threatened coastal communities—approach these design and construction challenges with exceptional technical skill and a commitment to providing the most efficient solutions, which is evidenced by our extensive list of past and current clients and the size and complexity of recent projects.

Improving resiliency for coastal communities

Stantec is recognized as an innovator in the delivery of flood risk management, coastal storm risk reduction, water resources, navigation, and ecosystem restoration projects that support coastal programs across North America. We help create safer communities and resilient environments through design partnerships on local and state levels. Read More

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