Academic Facilities & Libraries

  • GVSU - Mary Idema Pew Library

    Student needs come first

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  • UFV - Canada Education Park Phase II

    Retrofitted and reused

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  • WCU -The Sciences and Engineering Center & The Commons

    A hybrid building and new hub for campus interactions

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Learning in every space

The intellectual life of academic facilities depends as much on the formal learning areas as it does on the dynamic, vibrant matrix of informal spaces—opportunities for chance encounters and productive discussions. In these, we design spaces for student, faculty, and staff interaction, creating a sense of place that is critical to fostering a strong learning community.

The academic library has always symbolized the intellectual heart of a campus. Its setting articulates the values, aspirations, and mission of the institution. To students, the library is a vital resource—and an important factor in their decision to enroll, but a library must do more than store books to remain relevant in an information- and technology-driven world.

Our designs respond to students’ desires for academic and library spaces that are more socially focused, are more than just an information portal, and can anticipate how they learn, use information, and thrive in an academic community.

How do our library and learning commons designs stack up?

Our Research + Benchmarking team studies the evolution of both academic and public libraries to understand opportunities for transitioning, providing social interaction, and keeping spaces relevant.

Incubating campus cool

How does a university continue to support students when class is over? Modern libraries foster academic fellowship that crosses all disciplines and has the resources, support, and the ability to help guide students. Read More

Revisiting a 21st century library a decade after design

Our Research + Benchmarking team examines the major changes in academic library design over the past two decades. Read More
Our innovative educational designs support our greatest asset: the next generation of students.
Top Higher Education Architecture
Square Feet
Green Design Firm
Top 25 Design Firms

Building Design + Construction (September 2020) ranked us fifth in their top higher education school sector architecture firms.
In the past 10 years, we’ve completed more than two million square feet (186 thousand square metres) of library visioning, planning, and design projects.
We were ranked second in top green design firms in educational facilities by Engineering News Record (September 2020).
Engineering News Record (June 2020) ranked us fourth out of the top 25 design firms in general building – education.


Architecture & Interior Design We create spaces that are engaging and uplifting, that contribute to our collective sense of health and well-being, and encourage the sustainable stewardship of our communities.
Research + Benchmarking Expertise is not static. Through our Research + Benchmarking program, we connect team members across sectors, geographies, and disciplines to continually learn and improve.
Buildings Engineering With decades of innovation and experience under our belts we’re engineering a promising future leveraging the best in building systems, technology, energy analysis, and sustainable performance.
Landscape Architecture Whether it's an urban park, a restored wetland, an athletic complex, or a waterfront destination--through analysis, planning, and design, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs.
Program & Project Management We know from experience that delivering a complex project without surprises doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but our creative approach to planning and controls can head off most problems.

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