Whether you need one service or many, we have specialists who can work with you and your team at every stage of your mine’s life cycle 

How we can help 

Exploration & Resource Assessment
Our team of experts can help with reserve estimation and 43-101 management. In addition, we can provide qualified persons for 43-101 studies and property assessment. 

Environmental Baseline & Permitting
Stantec’s strength and expertise in environmental services allows us to meet your needs in more creative and responsive ways. We offer:

  • Regulatory support and strategy
  • Baseline studies
  • Environmental assessments (EIA, ESIA, EA, EIS, EIR)
  • Environmental permitting
  • Risk and mitigation planning
  • Compliance, auditing and monitoring
  • Socioeconomic impact assessments
  • Community and public outreach/involvement
  • Indigenous relations
  • Environmental approvals and permitting

Mine Development & Closure Planning
We help mining companies with all aspects of mine development and closure planning. This includes all types of mining studies, mine planning, prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, and closure planning.

From the block model and other supporting geological data, our experts can evaluate and determine the best mining method, production capabilities, and sequencing for your deposit.

Feasibility Studies & Project Management
We can help you complete all types of feasibility studies so mining companies can rest assured that their resource can be mined effectively and profitably. Across all of our work, we incorporate a uniform approach and process for project management and delivery. This assures consistently high quality in the projects we execute and facilitates sharing of information and resources for our clients.

Water - Supply, Management and Treatment
Stantec is considered among the world’s most prominent firms in water supply, management and treatment. Regardless of a project’s location, size, complexity or challenges, Stantec professionals deliver world-class water treatment and infrastructure solutions with the most applicable and latest technologies.

Civil Infrastructure
We are known for our capabilities and experience in design and construction, and timely completion of geotechnical and civil engineering projects in complex settings, various site conditions and locations world-wide. The performance and stability of the various components of a mine site are critical, be it a tunnel, foundation, road, dam, or other element. Our approach to the design and construction of these components is to minimize risks to our clients and meet operational and performance objectives.

Mine Facilities
From headframes to mine administration buildings our team designs facilities and systems that help to lower operating costs and energy consumption, increase production, decrease emissions into the community, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Process Facilities
Processing of your material to ensure you get the best recovery of the ore is key to project financials. Our team works with leaders in the industry to ensure we maximize this recovery.

Operations Support
Our team can work alongside yours throughout the life of your mining operation to provide another perspective on your underground production processes, or we can tackle a particular problem related to your mine infrastructure. We’ve conducted operations consulting for some of the largest underground mines in the world, and can help you identify possible short-term or long-term opportunities to help safely maximize your resources, production and profits.

Or if you know the changes you want to make, we can help you successfully implement changes to your organization. Our recommendations are realistic and backed by people with experience facilitating change in mining operations.

Tailings & Waste
Tailings management is a core part of our mine service offering. We offer worldwide experience in all phases of design and implementation for tailings management projects with experience under a variety of climatic, social, environmental, and regulatory conditions and successful projects on six continents.

Closure & Reclamation
Stantec offers turnkey services for mine closure, from initial project planning, through site characterization, reclamation design, and construction. We take a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to site characterization and design to develop simple and effective solutions to address the diverse aspects of mine closure and reclamation.

Legacy Remediation
In the past 10 years, Stantec has closed or decommissioned over 100 industrial facilities worldwide. We deliver facility closures safely while reducing hazards, minimizing environmental liabilities, and controlling costs.

The most important aspect of a facility closure project is safety. After that, a successful project involves the efficient melding of engineering, regulations, and construction with market savvy on the value of recyclable materials. 


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