Building our future with minerals and metals

Every day, we’re seeing more electric vehicles and solar panels—and that also means a rapidly increasing demand for battery metals. We have projects and operations experience recovering gold, copper, platinum group metals, and rare earth elements. Our specialists can also provide guidance in lithium, nickel, cobalt, and vanadium extraction.

 Our engineers have served in key roles in mineral processing, including senior operational, development, and technical services. Extracting minerals and metals requires both physical and chemical processes, including comminution, flotation, leaching, magnetic separation, and solvent extraction. Having the right team on board means you can improve efficiency and explore opportunities for increasing yields.

If you’re developing an extraction project or managing a mining site, our team can help you reliably and responsibly get the most out of your mineral resources—helping you get from rock to ore.

Streamlining the recovery process

Our team is by your side throughout the mineral processing journey, no matter what stage you’re in—planning, building, or operating. We can provide debottlenecking and efficiency studies, giving you actionable suggestions to streamline flow and increase recovery. Not to mention, increased efficiency often results in cost savings and helps mining operations reduce their carbon footprint. Read More

Battery metals

Battery metals—namely lithium—have been gracing headlines around the world in recent years due to the increase in electrifying our power sources. Battery metals include lithium, nickel, cobalt, and vanadium, and each are used in modern, large-scale automotive and stationary energy storage systems. Copper and graphite will also play an increased role in the electrification of the global vehicle fleet and the use of batteries to store renewable energy. We can help you with the mining and processing of these limited metals.

Metallurgical test work and process engineering

We’ll determine the most cost-effective processing solution for your project, giving you an idea of your project’s potential before you start. Our processing team will simplify this practice for you by developing, budgeting, and scheduling the metallurgical test plans and sampling requirements. We also coordinate with the labs, interpret the results, and deliver a compliant metallurgical report to you. This key step is essential to developing a process flow sheet that is cost effective and delivers increased yield for your deposit.
Expert consultants help you optimize systems for maximum efficiency and recovery
Most Sustainable A/E/C Firm

We have mineral processing experience on six different continents.
Our goal is zero harm to the environment and sending our people home injury-free, every day.
Corporate Knights ranked Stantec the most sustainable corporation among its industry peers in 2022.


Asset Management Our Stantec Asset Management (SAM) sustainability experts help you find the most accurate, actionable data about your built assets so you can meet your environmental, social, and governance goals.
Hydrogeology & Geochemistry We accurately assess your mine’s water footprint and the water variability expected over the life of your mine using a suite of modeling platforms.
Material Handling Systems Whether you're mining underground or at the surface, we can help you move materials important to your operation.
Mine Power Whether you are designing a new project or expanding your operations, we can assess your power needs, and design a system that meets your requirements, and is adaptable to long-term plans.
Mine Water Treatment We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.
Mining Environmental Services By understanding your goals and the needs of regulators and stakeholders, we can put together a strategy that is balanced for success.

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