Our in-depth knowledge of the mine life-cycle and our strong set of complimentary capabilities, allow us to provide a full-service solution to our clients. From our experience in investigations and analysis, to construction and operational support, we have the capabilities and the proven track record to serve as a trusted advisor for the duration of any tailings project.

Location, location, location

Siting studies allow our clients to make informed, educated decisions

We perform a variety of siting studies for mine waste infrastructure, such as tailings storage facilities (TSFs) and waste storage facilities (WSFs). These studies are often performed in combination with evaluations of alternative tailings storage methods and embankment types, and consist of a review of a topographic area using advanced, computer aided design (CAD) methods.

We consider key project-specific factors such as existing land use, flora and fauna, distance to site infrastructure, tailing transport options, and facility capacity to identify and evaluate alternative sites. In addition, our evaluations typically consider economic, social, environmental and technical criteria.

Understanding the possibilities

We present creative options that allow you to understand all your possibilities

There are multiple ways to approach managing mine tailings and waste. The adopted method may significantly impact water use, the environmental impact of a project, and project economics. Understanding client  requirements and criteria is crucial. While performing these studies we often consider:

  • Tailings transportation and disposal alternatives (conventional disposal, thickened, paste, filtered, or co-disposal of the tailing material)
  • Alternative embankment construction methods and materials (zoned rockfill, cyclone tailings sand, roller-compacted concrete, centerline embankment construction, etc.)

Other alternatives that are often considered include liner types, seepage control measures, and water management alternatives.

Want not, waste responsibly

Helping you responsibly manage tailings by taking water out of the equation

Industry trends—towards water conservation, reduced space, and the increasing importance of the social license to operate—present tailings storage challenges. In some cases, the adoption of alternative tailings disposal methods, such as thickened, paste, filtered, or tailings and waste rock co-disposal may be an operational solution.

We have experience in designing storage facilities for alternative tailings and in designing filtration plants for tailings and fine sediments. Through our ongoing work and our ATD initiative, we are on the forefront of these technologies.

Moving waste to the right place

We design systems that efficiently and successfully deliver tailings to where they need to go

Stantec has been involved in the design of tailings delivery systems for conventional tailings and cyclone sand systems. Although our team members don’t perform the tailings rheology, we have successfully teamed with professionals, such as Paterson & Cooke (in both Denver and Santiago) and BRASS Engineering International LLC (in California), on many projects in North and South America, as well as Europe.

Typically, the project team identifies the general location of the tailings delivery lines, reclaim water lines, and tailings deposition points in order to facilitate the tailings management plan. Then the tailings slurry consultant is brought onboard to design the mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation and control systems for the tailings delivery and reclaim water system. We focus on the civil components and the overall TSF design concept, and on bringing all of the pieces together.

Safe storage for the long run

We design with safety and sustainability in mind for the long run

Our teams have global experience in all stages of TSF design from conceptual level designs and alternatives analyses, to feasibility studies and regulatory submittals, to final designs, construction documents, and construction QA/QC. Stantec’s approach is based on the understanding that each site is unique and requires a unique solution that considers site-specific features such as climatic, social, environmental, and regulatory conditions.

We take pride in developing innovative solutions that incorporate value-engineering evaluations and performing cost analyses to minimize overall costs. Our designs are tailored to the available site materials and construction equipment, and to provide a cost effective solution, while meeting technical and regulatory requirements.

Our team consists of experts in all areas required for design and several members of our design team serve as experts on technical review boards for external projects and our team has had the opportunity to work with and learn from internationally known experts in the field of tailings management.

Your eyes and ears for the small details on big projects

We provide construction quality assurance and quality control for your peace of mind

Stantec provides on-site quality assurance and engineering support during construction. We are often concurrently involved in construction and operations, as many facilities are constructed in phases to manage capital expenditures. We work closely with our clients to develop an integrated team to complete the construction in a cost effective and safe manner. We employ staff with significant on-site experience in areas such as quality assurance and construction management and can provide dedicated engineering support for ongoing construction activities. This provides our clients with peace of mind that construction is being performed in accordance with the design intent and allows our clients to make construction decisions quickly and with the right information.

Day to day operations

Helping you optimize your mine’s efficiency and success over the entire mine life cycle

We serve our clients throughout the mine life, including services during operations. These operational services are a cost-effective way to reduce operating costs and risks and are increasingly important at this stage in the global mining cycle, as the industry moves from a period of capital expansion to operations.

Operational services that we commonly provide include:

  • Engineered Risk Assessments (ERAs)
  • Life Cycle Analyses (LCAs)
  • Water and Energy Audits
  • Sustainability Audits
Mine waste management is one of Stantec’s core mine services. We offer worldwide experience in all phases of design and implementation for mine waste management projects with experts located on six continents and experience under a variety of climatic, social, environmental, and regulatory conditions.

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