We provide project services for substations and switching facilities ranging from low to extra high voltage, with design experience from 8 kV up to 500 kV DC, and 765 kV AC. Combining best practice and best cost options to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Planning, Analysis & Investigation

Substation Siting

  • Site reconnaissance and selection
  • Coordination between utilities and agencies
  • Environmental assessments
  • Geotechnical analysis
  • Exhibit creation for client, agency, or stakeholder meetings and open houses
  • Electrical Studies
  • Ratings
  • Lightning protection
  • Field effects (magnetic or electric) analysis
  • Grounding

Feasibility Studies/Probability of Cost Assessments

  • Detailed engineering and design

Electrical Apparatus

  • Station layout, electrical arrangement and planning including 3D designs
  • Gas insulated switchgear configurations
  • Equipment specifications and Bill of Materials

Civil & Structural

  • Station grading/drainage/access roads/fencing
  • Apparatus foundation and oil containment systems and spill pit designs and water supply
  • Design of structural and foundation supports, evaluation and rehabilitation of existing structures and foundations

Protection & Control

  • Protection and control designs including bus, transfer trip, breaker fail and line protection and all other power equipment protection
  • Control and metering systems
  • Schematics and wiring drawings
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), SER, and alarm systems

Alarm Systems

  • RTU SCADA, Telvent USA integration
  • SER alarming and control system selection and integration
  • Control system architecture and fiber optic design

SCADA Services

We provide engineering and design services for a wide array of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems ranging from large substation and control center systems to small remote systems. We can help justify, recommend, and provide design, engineering, and plans and specifications for complete data acquisition and control systems; replacement, upgrade, or expansion of existing systems; and operator interface equipment including ergonomic features. Our services include:

  • Energy management
  • Switchgear control
  • Data acquisition and alarm
  • Test data analysis
  • Position indication for circuit breakers and disconnect switches
  • Transformer tap changers
  • Electrical analog values including amps, volts, watts, VARs, and power factor
  • Sequence of events and trending

Studies & Relay Setting Services

We design protection systems that provide service continuity, safety, and maintenance protection to T&D assets. Power system load growth requires periodic evaluation of the utility transmission system to verify its continued capability to reliably maintain service continuity during peak loading conditions. Our services include:

  • EHV and HV relay system design
  • Transmission planning studies
  • Fault current and load flow studies
  • Protective system selection and design
  • Protective system coordination (e.g., relay selection recommendation and settings)
  • Protective equipment specification (e.g., breaker, recloser, fuse, and other device selections)
  • System transient analysis
  • System component protection
  • Distributed generation system analysis
  • DC system design
  • Substation grounding analysis and design
  • Arc flash studies
  • Motor starting studies
  • Harmonic analysis studies

Construction Support

  • Cost estimates
  • Field review and coordination
  • Material resolution
  • As-built records

Additional Integrated Distribution Services

Our full suite of distribution services means we provide fully integrated project services, all in-house. Our services include:

  • Survey & Geomatics
  • Environmental Assessments Permitting & Compliance
  • Geotechnical
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Telecom
  • Physical Security
  • Civil Engineering
  • A/C Mitigation Design

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