About Power

We help clients adapt amidst unprecedented changes in the power industry—advancing towards assets that are smarter, more efficient, and in keeping with the new power reality.

We’ve developed a diverse, balanced suite of services based on our understanding of the industry’s direction. We work in Thermal GenerationTransmission & DistributionRenewable Energy, and Telecommunication markets across the globe. Focusing on our clients’ needs, we determine how best to configure our services to meet project requirements and advance their business.

Whether partnering on a coal plant conversion, microgrid, or a utility-scale wind farm, we keep clients at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry with innovative designs and flexible services that help them achieve their goals and find a competitive advantage.

We’re a one-stop-shop
We have a robust portfolio of inhouse power market expertise and services we can offer in addition to our core Power Engineering services. Each of these business lines is a fully developed and accomplished group within its specific market. We’re proud to be a single point of contact for some of the leading teams in:

  • Surveys & Geomatics
  • Environmental Services
  • Geotechnical
  • Transportation
  • Telecom
  • Physical Security
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Oil & Gas
  • Buildings & Architecture
  • Programs & Business Solutions

We’re easy to work with
We pride ourselves on being approachable.  Both in our culture and how we’ve structured our approach to our clients. Our approach is not based on a rigid pre-set delivery method, but rather around our clients’ program or project needs.  Our business is configured to provide the right people and services required for every job, not just those available. 

Our ease of location makes collaboration easy. Our local presence in over 400 offices makes us highly responsive- we’re available where and when you need us.

We’re innovative
We’re not bound by convention. When there’s no precedent that best serves our client’s needs, we create them.  Our teams have delivered industry firsts across power markets.  Need transmission line towers in extremely remote muskeg where concrete piles aren’t an option?  We solved that.  Work on the world’s largest carbon capture project? We did that. Sling a transmission line across mountains and glaciers? We solved that too.  We apply our understandings of industry standards and best practices to come up with industry firsts, and solutions custom to our clients’ needs.

We’re flexible and adaptive
Flexibility and adaptability are two of our biggest advantages. They allow us to provide a wide range of service types and engage in a number of project delivery methods.  We can provide our services throughout a project’s lifecycle, according to our client’s needs.

Our project roles include:

  • Owners engineer
  • Detailed engineering and design
  • Independent engineering review
  • Expert testimony
  • Operating plant support

In addition to flexibility of roles, we’re able to assume a wide number of delivery methods including:

  • Engineer, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Design, Bid, Build (DBB)
  • Turnkey

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