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Connecting businesses and communities

Connectivity is a cornerstone of equity, and we’re committed to extending vital telecommunications resources to facilitate growth, learning, and stronger community bonds. Telecommunications infrastructure is the backbone of reliable, high-speed broadband fiber networks throughout North America and beyond, and we’re at the forefront of its development. We can help you at any stage of your project, from environmental permitting and compliance to strategic route selection and site design.  

Our team has specialized knowledge in long-haul and middle-mile fiber projects, subsea cable laying with beach landing permits, and the development of data centers and other mission-critical facilities. We prioritize a close partnership, helping you provide an essential link for communities—infrastructure that enables seamless access to work, education, healthcare, and the cherished connections with family and friends.

Our vision is clear: to break down the barriers to connectivity and bring broadband access to all communities, especially those currently underserved.

Protecting cultural artifacts: Archaeology’s role in progressing projects

Most projects that include ground disturbance require archaeological monitoring to help preserve cultural resources. Some believe that it’s easier and more cost-effective to skip this step, but dealing with damages after the fact or having to change a project on the fly can be far more problematic. Hear from one of our archaeologists on how they navigate the increasingly critical role of cultural resources management in advancing telecommunications projects. Read More

3 key steps to successful utility design for the telecommunications industry

When looking at the utilities that support telecommunications, a thoughtful design approach is critical. Whether it’s short connections within a city or thousand-mile, fiber-optic cables, these utilities connect our communities—and it’s essential that we design them correctly. Here’s how to work with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), provide constructable designs, and assist clients in navigating complex utility design projects. Read More
Our North American team provides full-service, in-house design, engineering, and environmental permitting all under one roof.
Permitting Specialists
Regulatory Bodies

Our engineers, analysts, and technicians collaborate with underlying rights specialists to deliver comprehensive project services.
We have thousands of environmental and permitting specialists around the world.
Our teams have permitted or designed over 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometres) of cable routes.
We’ve worked with hundreds of regulatory bodies across the US and Canada.

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