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Significantly improving safety is arguably the number one benefit of introducing autonomous vehicles (AVs). At the same time, the biggest concern is: are they safe enough? Testing early stage technology means taking on the role of protecting the public. It means we must confirm to the best of our ability that the vehicle can do what the manufacturer says it can—that it can safely operate in a specific environment.

Safety assessments are fundamental to the successful and sustainable deployment and operation of AVs. Through a comprehensive safety verification process, all stakeholders gain confidence in the safety elements of AV deployment while related reporting can provide owners and operators with documentation and performance measures for discussions with insurers and other stakeholders.

The Stantec GenerationAV™ safety assessment process is holistic, covering all aspects of deployment, from the planning and deployment stages to management and operations, culminating in monitoring and evaluation. Our team of AV safety experts bring the tools, technologies, and processes to develop a safe and effective deployment program.

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Partner Profile: dRISK

dRISK currently serves some of the world’s leading AV developers, transport authorities, and insurers to train, test, and validate AVs before they are deployed. Their patented technology identifies and classifies ODD edge cases and delivers optimal edge case tests in simulation, resulting in a step increase in AV responsiveness and safety.

Partner Profile: Icarus Ops

As the leading authority of human error prevention in high reliability and mission-critical areas, Icarus Ops is using digital checklist technology developed from aviation best practices. Doing so, they trap errors and provide safety compliance verification and oversight, helping communities achieve precise, error free operations through a complete safety operations solution.

Key Industry Consultant: Andrew Smart

Andy is a highly respected member of the AV community. While CTO of SAE International, he led teams to produce the first cyber security guidelines and the first recommended practice for driving automation levels which have since been adopted globally. As CTO of the American Center for Mobility, Andy delivered one of the first purpose-built, large-scale AV test facilities in North America. He’s also founder and chair of the AV Test Site Community of Practice which is a global task force under SAE’s On Road Automated Driving Committee. Read More

Key Industry Consultant: Chase Williams

Spending the first decade of his career building a deep understanding of control system theory, development, optimization, and management, Chase now focuses on AV and operational design domain risk analysis. Chase helps clients assess and deploy solutions for next-generation ecosystems while evaluating the global market of advanced driver assistance systems and AV platforms. He specializes in AV safety analysis and verification, reviewing tools and AV testing methodologies, and supporting risk analysis strategy and execution. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Corey Clothier, Founder/Director, Stantec GenerationAV

I'm excited to be part of building and accelerating technology and deploying it to create a safe, efficient, and sustainable AV future.
Corey Clothier Founder/Director, Stantec GenerationAV Read More

Shane Blackmer, Director of Operations, Stantec GenerationAV™

My passion is to inspire others, teach, and serve. Finding and empowering the talents and passions of others is the driving force in my work.
Shane Blackmer Director of Operations, Stantec GenerationAV™ Read More

Neal Hemenover, Director of Product Development

I’m driven to help clients innovate, adapt, and connect to those who rely on them.
Neal Hemenover Director of Product Development Read More

Jonathan Garrett, Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™

The AV industry landscape is frequently changing—community leaders need relevant and current information to make better decisions.
Jonathan Garrett Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™ Read More

Katie Clothier, Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV

We are changing the world of transportation and having fun doing it.
Katie Clothier Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV Read More

Marie-France Laurin, Business Development Director, Stantec GenerationAV™

By working together, we can create mobility solutions that make sense for and respond to the needs of every member of every community.
Marie-France Laurin Business Development Director, Stantec GenerationAV™ Read More

Corey Clothier

Founder/Director, Stantec GenerationAV

Shane Blackmer

Director of Operations, Stantec GenerationAV™

Neal Hemenover

Director of Product Development

Jonathan Garrett

Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™

Katie Clothier

Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV

Marie-France Laurin

Business Development Director, Stantec GenerationAV™

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