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Given the ever-growing importance of clean water quantity and quality for communities of all types, an integrated and sustainable approach to water treatment is essential. Such an approach applies cost-effective alternatives to protect the health of people and environment, while ensuring sufficient supply and reducing waste.

Ensuring a clean water supply and protecting waterways from the wastewater we generate benefits our communities for generations to come.

Reno Fiorante Senior Vice President, Water

An environmentally friendly plant that reduces dependency on groundwater

Historically, most of the water delivered to Sacramento County Water Agency customers has been from underground aquifers, which are becoming significantly depleted. Built as part of a conjunctive use program, the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant helps reduce dependency on these local groundwater resources by providing high-quality drinking water from the Sacramento River. This allows the aquifers to naturally replenish. Read More

First water treatment plant in Canada to achieve LEED® Gold certification

The winner of three awards, this membrane plant was one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world when it was commissioned. To help the community further benefit from their investment, educational facilities are a component of this plant. The City of Kamloops entered into a partnership with Thompson Rivers University to provide training in the area of water quality and treatment. Read More
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LEED facilities designed
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Environmental Services With 3,100 environmental staff in 20 specialties, we know what to do. When we’re gathering data to permit a new project or collaborating on a plan to remediate an old one, our passion for science drives us.
Financial Services & Management Your utility's success depends on avoiding financial turmoil—we’re ready to work with you to identify difficulties in advance, to analyze your options, and to plot the course for a safe arrival at your future.
Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work.
Trenchless Our expertise in trenchless technologies lets you build, maintain, or replace pipes while minimizing surface disruption.
Tunneling We focus on risk avoidance and mitigation with robust management programs that maximize constructability to deliver tunneling solutions that provide the best value.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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