Helping communities tap into water’s potential

As water treatment experts, we address current needs while keeping an eye to the future by meeting capacity requirements using easily upgradable processes. We design efficient and reliable systems that achieve capital cost savings and minimize long-term expenditures.

Whether it’s membranes, high-rate filtration, advanced oxidation, biological filtration, ozone, or UV disinfection, we implement the most appropriate treatment technology for each specific situation. Providing safe and abundant clean water requires thoughtful investments by our communities. That’s why we invest so much of ourselves into the process of selecting the best treatment technology for our client’s specific needs.

Our expertise:

  • Advanced Treatment
  • Automation/Information Management
  • Construction Administration and Commissioning
  • Operations and Management Evaluations
  • Pilot and Treatability Studies
  • Process Review and Optimization
  • Reclamation and Reuse
  • Residuals Management
  • Water Quality Assessments

We have helped plan, design, and optimize over 700 water treatment plants, ranging in capacity from less than 1 mgd to more than 1,000 mgd.


Tesla Water Treatment Facility

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