Our reputation for innovation and quality engineering is built on experience in all types of dam design and construction. We have the in-house expertise and experience necessary to handle all aspects of project development, including the capability of assessing and addressing potential environmental impacts. We can draw on the skills and experience of a staff of engineers and scientists, many of whom have 20 or more years of continuous service with the firm in the planning, design, and implementation of dam and water resource projects.

Our team has consistently led the industry in the design of earth and rockfill dams and concrete dams and boasts several firsts. At three separate times, Stantec held the record for the world’s highest rockfill dam. The company possesses the capabilities and experience for any dam-related project. Current experience includes dam projects on six of the seven continents.

Fill Dams
Stantec’s experience includes FERC Part 12 dam safety evaluations and Potential Failure Mode Analyses (PFMAs), layout, execution and interpretation of geotechnical exploratory programs, stability analyses, evaluation of embankment failures, design of new embankments, remedial works for existing structures, design of seepage and erosion controls, design of spillways on fills, and design, adequacy review, and data evaluation for instrumentation systems.

Concrete Dams
We are one of the premier consulting engineering organizations in the planning, design, and construction management of concrete dams.

Stantec has designed 21 concrete dams, including gravity, arch, buttress, arch gravity, and roller-compacted concrete dams with heights ranging from 14 to over 300 meters (46 to 984 ft.). Stantec designed the Tekeze Hydropower Project in Ethiopia. The project consisted of a 190-m-high (623 ft.) double curvature concrete arch dam with a 300-MW underground powerhouse. The Tekeze project was named 2010 Best Renewable/Sustainable Project of the Year by Power Engineering magazine.

Roller Compacted Concrete Dams
The development of roller compacted concrete (RCC) as an alternate construction method for concrete gravity dams offer a number of advantages over conventional designs. For example, RCC dams require a simple design, shorter construction schedule, and reduced cost.

Stantec has designed 21 concrete dams, including gravity, arch, buttress, arch gravity, and roller-compacted concrete RCC dams with heights ranging from 14 to over 300 m.

Dam Raising
Stantec has invaluable experience in the raising of dams acquired through the design of more than 20 projects, including both concrete and fill dams. Raising existing dams, or designing new structures to allow for staged developments, enables adaptation of these projects to economic realities.

Staged development reduces the initial cost of a project and allows for later expansion as the need for water or electricity grows. It can also compensate for reservoir siltation and meet changing flood safety regulations.

Stantec partnered with the San Diego Water Authority to complete the San Vincente Dam Raise Project in California. The project raised the existing 67-m-high (220 ft.) concrete gravity dam by 36 m (118 ft.) and added 1,613 cubic-yards (152,000 acre-ft.) of water storage.  The San Vincente Dam Raise Project was the largest raise, to date, of a concrete dam in the United States and the first major raise of a concrete dam using RCC in the world.


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