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Stantec-designed The Rookery at Perico Preserve wins 2016 National Environmental Excellence Award


The National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) selected The Rookery at Perico Preserve for a 2016 National Environmental Excellence Award. The project was determined by the Awards Committee to demonstrate excellence in the award category of Environmental Management.

The Rookery at Perico Preserve restoration project is transforming coastal, abandoned farmland into a thriving landscape of coastal hammock, pine flatwoods coastal scrub, saltmarsh, mangrove, and seagrass meadows.  Leadership in Manatee County undertook this project more than seven years ago to help reverse this habitat loss; and so far the results have been very successful in a short time frame.

The project was selected for the Environmental Management award because it demonstrated verifiable results of innovation in compliance methodology and integration of decision making with environmental regulatory processes.  In the end, the Rookery at Perico Preserve showcases a commitment to improving fish and wildlife habitats on Florida’s Suncoast, which has ultimately succeeded, as seen in this award-winning project.

Mike Burton, CEP, project manager for the Rookery at Perico Preserve said, “This team of professionals is grateful for the opportunity to assist Manatee County over the past seven years in achieving their vision of a restored coastal site in south Tampa Bay, Florida. The success they have had on site demonstrates what is possible with determination and dedication to ecosystem conservation and restoration.”

The Rookery at Perico Preserve

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