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Stantec to design and support tender process of stormwater infrastructure project in Gaziantep, Turkey


Following an open competitive selection process, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has selected Stantec to support the development of critical stormwater collection and conveyance infrastructure in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. Under the contract, Stantec will carry out a feasibility study, develop the basic design, and prepare and support the tender process.

The heavily urbanized city of Gaziantep has approximately 2 million inhabitants and is located in the western part of Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia region. Running through the city center is the river Alleben, which causes recurring flash flooding in the city center during periods of heavy rainfall as a result of inept stormwater infrastructure and the effects of climate change. As these floods cause impactful economic, social, and environmental harm to the city, the municipality of Gaziantep approached the EBRD to investigate the possibility of financing investment in its stormwater infrastructure to safeguard the city’s people, buildings, and economy.

This assignment was created by the EBRD to validate the need for the investment and to assess the harm of the stormwater floods and effects of renewed infrastructure. As part of the assignment, Stantec is carrying out a feasibility study which will include a baseline study, investment strategy, financial analysis, and environmental and social assessments. The team will also prepare the project’s basic design, including technical requirements, drawings, schemes, and specifications. Additionally, Stantec will provide support in the tender process by preparing a full package of tender documentation and supporting the municipality of Gaziantep through the process. Financing of the project is subject to the EBRD’s internal approvals.

“Water and wastewater infrastructure is among the traditional specialties of our Turkish team. We look forward to working closely with the city of Gaziantep and leveraging our experience from projects throughout Turkey and the region,” said Dr. Murat Sarioglu, Operations Director for Stantec in Turkey. “Climate change is having its toll on Gaziantep, and the implementation of capable stormwater infrastructure will help tremendously. To make it all happen, we will work closely together to design and deliver infrastructure that protects the city.”

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