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Establishing green governance in Ethiopia

Creating a climate resilient and green economy in partnership with the European Commission


To play a role in establishing a new green governance in Ethiopia, the Stantec team in Belgium has recently been awarded a contract by the European Commission to implement a Sector Budget Support operation over the next three years, with a budget of EUR 2.6M. The team will be focusing on four main areas of intervention including Forestry, Industry, national MRV (Measuring – Reporting – Verification) and Sector Public Finance Management.

Ethiopia is a country rich in history and tradition. It is Africa's oldest independent country and is home to the second largest African population. Though this picturesque country may be one of the poorest in Africa, ranking 36 out of 48 according to the UN’s Human Development Index, they are also considered the fastest growing economy in the region, averaging a 10.5% increase compared to the regional average of 5.4%. This presents a reality of a country very susceptible to the harmful effects of climate change, but also a huge opportunity to transform and establish Ethiopia's economic structure towards a climate resilient and green economy in order to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

The budget operation that Stantec is managing will be complemented with technical assistance considerations that asks the team to improve the technical and managerial capacity of various stakeholder groups to achieve prescribed performance indicators, such as reducing GHG emissions, preparation of reports and monitoring of deliverables, creation of budgeting programs, strategizing on private sector resource mobilization, and the facilitation of climate related contract agreements between the government and private sector. They will also provide technical support and facilitate the policy dialogue between the EU Delegation and the Ethiopian's Government Institutions. Each of these will center around topics such as forest preservation and related public policies, land use monitoring through satellite maps, energy efficiency in the industrial sector and development of an energy audit system.

“Our team is excited to begin actioning this great climate-conscious initiative. We already have a history of working with the European Commission in Ethiopia and are sure that the same positive experience will be replicated this time around,” comments Belgium Operations Director Christophe Leroy. “And what’s better is that now we have gotten into the rhythm of work in light of COVID-19, so there are numerous actions we can already begin doing remotely to support this facility before we can get our experts on the ground there to carry forward our work. This is a great opportunity to establish a strong environmentally sustainable foundation for Ethiopia to continue building on, and we are proud of the role we will be able to play in supporting this initiative,” he concludes.

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