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Stantec wins global framework contract with European Commission to provide EU foreign policy support

The European Commission has awarded Stantec a framework contract to provide expertise for the implementation of the EU’s foreign policy.

Framework contracts (FWCs) are the common approach that European Commission takes to implement international development projects, where they compile a shortlist of preferred suppliers to action their proposed initiatives. Stantec earned a position on Lot 1 of this FWC for 'public diplomacy, information outreach and organisation of events'. The overall objective of this lot will be to provide both content and logistical support to EU institutions around the world, and will span 24 months, with a potential budget of €74 million.

For Stantec, this means that the international development team in Belgium is one of only four companies that are preselected to bid for the numerous technical assistance projects that fall within this lot. The services to be provided include organisation of EU public diplomacy and information outreach initiatives, design and delivery of information campaigns, and/or organisation of events; just some of the many professional services Stantec has been providing to the European Commission for the past 20+ years.

“Our communications team in Belgium is unique in that it can cross-cut each of the sectors we work in, to support our client’s goals of better engaging their stakeholder audiences and increasing community awareness of EU efforts. Being awarded a global contract once again with the European Commission speaks volumes to our team’s ability and professionality and we look forward to building on this positive relationship,” comments Belgium Operations Director Christophe Leroy. “This framework contract presents many opportunities for my team and I to leverage our expertise in community and stakeholder engagement that we at Stantec have been focusing on, and I look forward to the work we will be doing to contribute to communities around the world.


Stantec's International Development Communications Team

Meet our communications team in Brussels who leverage their expertise to engage stakeholder groups in international development contexts.

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