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Stantec completes interior designs of Vivex Biologics, Inc.’s headquarters in Miami

The design concept of the new 30,000-square-foot office captures the VIVEX branding and its DNA helix logo


Leading global design firm Stantec has completed the interior design of Vivex Biologics, Inc.’s new headquarters in Miami, Florida. The 30,000-square-foot space for the leading regenerative medicine company, specialized in the development of naturally sourced treatment options, boasts modern interiors and finishes highlighted with bright green hues representing VIVEX’s brand identity. Stantec provided the interior design as well as the structural architecture for the facility expansion, which included the addition of production and research departments and administrative offices.

VIVEX is a pioneer in regenerative medicine with a mission to provide advanced medical solutions to help those suffering from musculoskeletal injuries, wounds, and burned skin. Their brand identity exemplifies their mission of health through channeling the body’s inherent healing qualities using clean, contemporary colors with pops of blues and vibrant greens which represent VIVEX’s innovative regenerative solutions. 

“We designed a modern and elegant headquarters for VIVEX that serves as its welcome card and fosters collaboration,” said Raed Alawadhi, senior designer, Stantec. “The high-quality finishes and lively interiors radiate the unique identity of the company’s brand and encourage engagement and socialization.”

For the project interiors, splashes of VIVEX’s greens along with bright blues and yellows were dispersed against the white marble porcelain tile floors, white oak wood accents, neutral yet sophisticated corridor carpet tile, and clean white walls. The pops of colors make a statement and bring life to the open offices, executive offices, meeting rooms, employee lounge, furniture, and even the bathroom mirrors.

Upon entering the office reception, employees and visitors are welcomed by a custom, sleek reception desk that serves as a sculptural showpiece with white staggering wood slats behind it. Large green glass doors make a grand entrance and lead to the main building.

An emphasis on human-centric design led to the flexible spaces where employees have the option to collaborate or work in private as needed. High partitions were added for the staff that required more privacy and low partitions for those who work more collaboratively. Throughout the office, there’s a mix of large and small breakout spaces plus two large executive conference rooms with foldable partition walls that can open up to the employee lounge area.

“The main point of the flexible partitions is to have the adaptability of creating a functional space for any type of office function whether large or small,” said Maureen McLaine, interior designer, Stantec. “The high-end finishes throughout each space create a cohesive, vibrant, and sophisticated experience for whichever room size is needed.”

The expansive employee lounge is an engaging space with bright-striped walls with various seating options ranging from small dining tables and bar stools to comfy sofas and playful pods. Vivid colorful tiles adorn the kitchen backsplash while a custom, white-slatted light fixture suspended over the bar continues the theme from the reception area. An adjacent multi-purpose game room was also designed to offer employees the opportunity to relax and play ping-pong and shuffleboard.

About Stantec
Communities are fundamental. Whether around the corner or across the globe, they provide a foundation, a sense of place and of belonging. That's why at Stantec, we always design with community in mind.

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For more information about Stantec’s response to COVID-19, visit Responding to COVID-19.

About Vivex Biologics, Inc.
Vivex Biologics is a pioneer in regenerative medicine, specializing in the development of naturally sourced treatment options and solutions that improve clinical, surgical, and therapeutic patient care through innovation. With tissue damage resulting from a variety of diseases, direct injury or trauma, there is a significant need for advanced solutions. By leveraging the resources of the nation’s oldest civilian tissue bank, VIVEX is channeling the body’s inherent healing qualities to bring patients optimal care and to provide medical professionals and patients with innovative treatment options for a broad range of indications.

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