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European Commission selects Stantec to develop strategic transport corridors in Horn of Africa

Developing sustainable transport networks will boost connectivity, trade, and economic growth


Stantec’s International Development team in Belgium will contribute to the development of strategic transport corridors in the Horn of Africa, a region comprising eight East African countries. The project is part of the European Union-Africa Global Gateway Investment Package, which will develop multi-country infrastructure by supporting investment in sustainable, efficient, and safe connectivity and harmonizing regulatory frameworks between the two continents. The overall goal is to integrate the African and European multimodal transport networks by 2030, supporting the economic potential of African continental free trade.

Under the Global Gateway infrastructure program, 11 transport corridors have been identified in the Horn of Africa as areas with great potential to boost connectivity, trade, and economic growth. The Investment Package will facilitate mobility and trade within Africa and between Africa and Europe. Through infrastructure investments, the project will pave the way for new value chains and economic opportunities that will benefit both African and European industries.

Stantec will manage the development of three strategic transport corridors within the region. The team will develop a comprehensive map of different transportation routes and trade mobility infrastructures, and analyze the institutional capacities planned for the management of the corridors. Based on the results, the team will identify and recommend interventions that could be financed by the EU. The project will cover different modes of transport, including rail, waterways, ports, and roads.

“A project like this is not just about improving the way people travel, it’s also about enhancing connections between people, businesses, and communities, and making jobs and services more accessible,” said Christophe Leroy, Operations Director and Climate Solutions Leader at Stantec. “Having more efficient and better-connected transport networks will improve mobility and contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of transportation.”

Stantec has previously won three other projects related to the EU’s Global Gateway initiatives in Africa. The team provides technical and logistical support for the promotion and the development of the Open Internet, the development and implementation of the digital competency framework for citizens, and the development of an inclusive digital economy through growth in digital, science, technology, and innovation.  

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