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Summer 2012

In my work, I use a sewing machine to create thread drawings. By sewing into fabric that dissolves in water I can build up stitched lines so that when the fabric is dissolved, the thread drawing can hold together without a base. These thread images appear as though they would be easily unraveled and seemingly on the verge of falling apart, despite the works raveled strength. I am interested in thread's assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.

“Neon Clouds” explores thread’s subtle quality versus it’s accumulative presence. Through the accumulation of sewn line, this piece is an intricate three-dimensional scribble. Neon colours can draw your attention and highlight things. These intensely brilliant hues colour things such as caution signs, post-it notes and highlighters. The bright pink, orange, yellow, green and blue threads used to create this installation are barely visible when viewing just one thread but through the build-up of line, they create a neon atmosphere.

At a Glance

Amanda McCavour
Installation Date

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