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Strands, Winter 2013

Stantec Window Gallery

  • Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto, Ontario

Kinetic craft

Sam Mogelonsky’s sculptural practice focuses on the manipulation of light hearted, naïve, seductive, artificial surfaces to reveal narratives that express an opposing meaning associated with the materials used in the process. Her works explore adornment and emerge through a meticulous approach to manipulating materials into abstract forms and shapes, thereby transforming the familiar into something seductive and strange. Her repetitive use of decorative elements and process-driven labour challenge limits of contemporary consumption and its tendencies towards excess.

“Strands” is a kinetic sculpture that uses embellishment and arduous routine repetition of found materials to speak to notions of craft production and decoration. In each strand, the exteriors of twenty-four small document tubes are meticulously covered with sequins, each secured with sharp pointed pins. The resulting interior core is filled with closely packed sewing pins, occluding direct sight to the other end of the tube. The spiraling interior view has a kaleidoscopic effect that on the one hand references ostentation and design, yet on the other, alludes to the dual nature of pleasure and pain. Moreover, the building’s historical connection to fashion and garments is referenced through the material connection of the sequins and sewing pins.

Strands: Sequins, cardboard tubes, sewing pins, mirrored paper, epoxy clay, enamel, aircraft cable and disco ball motors, 40” x 3” x 140”, 2014.

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Sam Mogelonsky
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