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At a Glance

Nicole Liao
Margot Whitfield
Installation Date

Embedded in the history of textile production is our earliest known computer. At the turn of the 19th century, the Jacquard Loom mechanically translated punched holes on paper into complex patterns in thread. This installation is inspired by textiles as one of the first commodities to transform the nature of information and production.

“Weave” is comprised of hundreds of plastic thread cones remaining from the textile manufacturing process. Arranged in repeating patterns on the wall, these colourful mass-produced units are meant to be mysterious, playful and evocative of a child’s toy or game. Up close, the viewer sees only interchangeable parts and hardware. From afar, a legible tapestry begins to emerge. As the installation oscillates between the micro and the macro, the viewer can reflect on the technological and material conditions responsible for patterns of communication in our everyday life.

The artists would like to thank Artsjunktion for their generous support in materials acquisition

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