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Welcome to Istanbul

Every day, our Turkish team is proud to live and breathe the beauty of Istanbul; a city that straddles Europe and Asia, steeped in the history and culture of both. With our city’s center listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we’re dedicated to preserving its past, but we’re also propelling it into the future.

The road ahead presents opportunities but also challenges: pressure on water resources, growing levels of waste, and increased energy needs. Each of these topics calls for the creative thinking our team consistently delivers. That’s why we’re working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and others to help the development of Turkey, the Balkan Countries, Turkic Republics, and coastal North Africa.

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Murat Sarioglu

Operations Director

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Meet Our Team

Tuğçe Çıngay Ataş, Energy Engineer

My eight hours of work in a day, may help to keep the earth alive for eight more years. This probability is literally one of the best feelings of working on energy efficiency.

Ebru Kesim, Finance Manager

I believe that learning is unlimited, so I constantly try to expand my skillset, and then share these insights with my colleagues.

Hilal Uflaz, Project Manager

Maintaining a responsible, harmonious, and challenged team is what I strive for as we complete impactful work.

Aysegul Coskun, Senior Environmental Engineer

Personal and corporate success depends on communication, awareness of responsibility, teamwork and motivating dynamics among employees.
Aysegul Coskun Senior Environmental Engineer Read More

Mesut Avci, Principle Energy Engineer

As part of my work, I always look for opportunities for continuous improvement, which—as Mark Twain said—is better than delayed perfection.

Bertan Başak, Project Manager

My focus is to bridge the gap between project plans and company strategies and to look beyond project constraints to care about the communities we serve.

Neslihan  Sönmez, Business Development Director

Working for different sectors, different clients, different countries, different projects everyday—is inspiring and motivating.
Neslihan  Sönmez Business Development Director Read More

Murat Sarioglu, Operations Director

The road to success passes through focus, dedication, persistence, patience and empathy- virtues of all leaders who managed to make a difference.

Tuğçe Çıngay Ataş

Energy Engineer

Ebru Kesim

Finance Manager

Hilal Uflaz

Project Manager

Aysegul Coskun

Senior Environmental Engineer

Mesut Avci

Principle Energy Engineer

Bertan Başak

Project Manager

Neslihan  Sönmez

Business Development Director

Murat Sarioglu

Operations Director

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