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The Landing: Stantec design team unveils Sacramento waterfront vision

Take a look at the big ideas Stantec developed for the Waterfront Idea Makers competition.


Our design team was invited to help reimagine the future of Sacramento as part of the City’s Waterfront Idea Makers design competition. Our multidisciplinary team spanned our offices in Sacramento, Reno, New York, and Calgary including experts in fields ranging from landscape architecture, interior design, and architecture to archaeology, planning, and architectural history. Driven by the five city goals and five principles of design, we’re #stantecproud of the five BIG ideas they came up with.



Stantec: The Landing – Start Here

Stantec’s vision for the Sacramento Riverfront: An arrival that feels easy. A place that feels like our City’s front yard. A place that embraces our river. A place that feels like home. A place activated with unforgettable experiences.

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Our City, home of the Gold Rush, is entering another ‘golden hour’. A moment in time where seek to inspire visions of opportunity that capture the imagination of a nation. We join with our community to harness the creative energy of our Indomitable City by focusing on the next piece of that vision, our waterfront, our birthplace.


We looked deep into the site’s past to define a vision for its future. Through the lens of time, we see today the same potential that the indigenous, the explorers, the settlers, and the countless entrepreneurs across time have seen. A place of abundance and arrival, of beginning and potential… we see this place as: ‘The Landing’…and we invite all those whose journey leads them to Sacramento… to ‘start here'


This place where our City began, and it is where your next story, where our next story begins. The ideas that define ‘the landing’ are rooted in the ‘power of fives’. The five city project goals, a north star guiding our journey when the path seems unclear. Each helping us arrive at five…new… BIG ideas for our waterfront.


Idea One: An arrival that feels easy. Its time we reconnect and redefine our experience getting to and through this district, for all modes of travel.

  • We see inspiring entries that greet our visitors with open arms.
  • We see intuitive parking that is effortless and well-distributed.
  • We see generous paths for all modes of transportation.
  • We see clear wayfinding to guide the way through the District

Idea Two: a place that feels like our City’s front yard. Front Street is our doorstep and the landing is our most welcoming of public spaces, open to the diversity of our community.

  • We see an open space free of barriers.
  • We see a place that is thoughtfully structured for programming and events.
  • We see comfortable, movable, signature furniture.
  • We see playful destinations for kids and adults.

Idea Three: a place that embraces and loves our river. This river gave our city life and its time we celebrate this story.

  • We see generous and dynamic public terraces that rise, fall, and reveal with the river.
  • We see an inviting water-level public path along the river.
  • We see a living laboratory to study the river.

Idea Four: places to stay that feel like home. To evolve into a truly authentic and inviting district we need more people who call it home, whether its to play or to live.

  • We see renovation and redevelopment to attract permanent residents.
  • We see office spaces and makers places for creatives and entrepreneurs.
  • We see a vibrant, local, farm-to-fork market celebrating the bounty of our region.

Idea Five: A place that is activated with unforgettable experiences. To celebrate the diversity of our region, we’ve reimagined this space as the stage to tell our story.

  • We see district well lit, providing safe places.
  • We see key features, up lit as showcases.
  • We see photos of the past, present, and future enriching the storyline of our City.
  • We see that the stage is set, now what will we, our community, do with it?
  • We see events… lots of events.
  • We see a vibrant calendar overflowing with celebrations of place and culture.
  • We see seasonal markets, cultural festivals, food, We see seasonal markets, cultural festivals, food, beer, coffee, wine, sports and music events.
  • We see events built for people of all ages forging memories we will never forget.
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