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Caroline Cunningham

Senior Hazard Mitigation Planner

Photo of Caroline

Caroline has a strong passion for protecting communities. Her disaster planning expertise—understanding threats, mitigating vulnerabilities, and implementing a path for a resilient future—is impressive. Her disaster management and resilience experience is informed by a broad understanding of government policy, risk assessments, and disaster-grant programs.

She believes that trending climate changes have served as the catalyst for big ideas and innovative solutions to reduce a potential disaster’s impact. Caroline challenges herself to find effective solutions that improve, innovate, and adapt to changing climatic conditions.

For the Amtrak Vulnerability Assessment project, Caroline spearheaded the team that modeled future sea level rise conditions to determine the potential impacts on Amtrak assets. It didn’t follow a standard process, so the project required learning in “real time,” coupled with intense collaboration among the team. In the end, a valuable solution was presented to the client, who was thrilled that their new plan could protect their routes, trains, and stations—all with Caroline’s suggestions.

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