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Willem Havermans

Senior Soil & Groundwater Consultant

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A senior soil and groundwater remediation specialist in the Netherlands, Willem has mastered the art of contaminated site investigation and the implementation and use of innovative in situ remediation techniques.

Willem specializes in the visualization of soil and groundwater contaminations. By transferring the information gathered from the contamination studies into a literal and digestible representation, it becomes understandable at all levels; from the technically astute engineers, to the local population whose street needs to be opened up to remove the contaminated soils. The five dimensional display model he created displays all pertinent information in a three-dimensional image, to which the prediction of how contaminants spread over time and the projected costs of containing or remediating the area are added.

Willem is a true technical expert, with an impressive track record in all kinds of in and ex situ remediation technologies, such as stimulated enhanced bioremediation systems (both aerobic and anaerobic), permeable reactive barriers, in situ metal precipitation and in situ chemical oxidation. 

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Unique 3D visualisations, combined with the dimensions of time and money, gives a five dimensional view of the movement of ground water contaminations including effects and costs of measurements.

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