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Karen Muckley

Principal, Integration Facilitator

Photo of Karen

Karen is a student of her surroundings. She’s a fan of parks and random trails, of fresh air, and of un-purposed wandering. Whether she’s riding her bike or walking her dogs, she’s always discovering—and that passion for delving into the unknown and learning from it is what drives her in corporate development and integration management.

As an integration facilitator on our corporate development team, Karen helps champion our integration process while continually striving to improve it. She works with incoming acquisitions to make sure they’re at home. Her focus is often on the logistics of integration, including system migrations, training, scheduling, and communication details, but she also watches over the cultural integration, leadership transition, and other integration objectives.

Karen sees each integration as an opportunity and loves almost everything about the process. She gets to meet new people, see how they accomplish their work, and help them fit into a novel environment—all while learning from the people she teams with, and hopefully making their experience better.

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