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Mike Murphy

Senior Principal, Environmental Management

Photo of Mike

Mike understands enthusiasm. In fact, one of the best pieces of feedback he’s ever received is a “double high five” from a client after a meeting with local regulators. He brings that same level of energy to his environmental services work as a subject matter expert in our Air Quality, Climate Change, and Noise group. With a doctorate in chemical engineering—and more than 30 years of experience—Mike puts his training and expertise to work on studies related to emissions inventories and modeling of air pollutants, greenhouse gases (GHGs), assessments of climate risk and resilience, climate adaptation, getting to net zero, ambient noise, and indoor air quality.

Richard Feynman, a physicist and Mike’s professional hero, noted there is a certain pleasure in finding things out. He exemplifies Mike’s personal motto—learn and burn. “Get to the work quickly, own your work and your mistakes, learn from them, and then charge ahead with new experiences under your belt.” Mike has “learned and burned” in the atmospheric sciences across Canada, the US, and internationally doing studies in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Mike is the eternal optimist, always excited about what’s coming up, and right now that is learning more about the risks to our planet, the energy transition, the struggle to get to net zero, and doing what we can to clean up our environment for our grandkids.

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