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eDNA Sampling for Fish and Fish Habitats at Industrial Sites

Determining presence or absence of fish in remote watercourses

  • British Columbia

    British Columbia

Deploying innovative solutions to supplement and corroborate traditional sampling methods

In a remote and difficult-to-access location in British Columbia, environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling provided a quick and cost-effective way to support fish and fish habitat studies for a large industrial project. eDNA was used to supplement previous traditional fish sampling methods to determine if the fish were present or absent in watercourses within potential influence of the project.

eDNA samples were taken from watercourse where fish were expected to occur, and from watercourses where they were less likely to occur, such as streams with a high gradient or that presented barriers to fish access. An assay that tests for general fish species presence was used for the eDNA analysis.

Preliminary results of the analysis produced higher positive detection rates of fish in locations where fish were captured as part of previous field investigations and in locations where there were no permanent barriers to fish access. Little to no fish DNA was detected in areas that contained barriers to fish, or in areas where no fish were previous captured. eDNA proved to be a reliable tool that will make monitoring and compliance easier prior to and after construction for our clients.  

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Pam Reece, Aquatic Ecologist, Environmental Services

It’s rewarding to start on a project and deliver a product that addresses both client and regulatory requirements.
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Pam Reece

Aquatic Ecologist, Environmental Services

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