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Screening and Mapping Assessment for Pipeline Integrity

Technology from high above reveals geohazards at and below ground level for pipeline integrity program

  • Ontario


Using remote sensing technology to reveal, identify, and delineate potential geohazards for enhanced pipeline integrity

If pipelines are in the news, safety is often the topic. So, when our client wanted to know and understand potential geohazards along a 290-kilometer pipeline route in Ontario—they called upon our remote sensing experience to conduct a geohazards screening and mapping assessment. For this project, geotechnical and hydrotechnical hazards, collectively referred to as geohazards, included landslides, erosion (gully) sites, karst (soluble rock formations), and watercourse crossings.

Our team applied GroundWATCH, which leverages satellite based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR), along with high-resolution imagery, and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) derived bare-earth digital elevation models to identify, delineate, and prioritize potential geohazards along the pipeline’s alignments.

Using this mix of earth observation technologies, we identified over 400 potential geohazard locations along the pipeline alignments, and all high priority sites were recommended for field inspection.

Meet Our Team

Grant Wiseman, Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Success in consulting means communicating new ideas to clients, demonstrating the benefits of technology in a clear and concise way.
Grant Wiseman Remote Sensing Technology Manager Read More

Richard Guthrie, Vice President

Geohazard innovation is about designing new, novel, and safe solutions that benefit clients, project teams, and our field of work.

Grant Wiseman

Remote Sensing Technology Manager

Richard Guthrie

Vice President

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